Finding Beacons in the Dark - A Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence

Finding Beacons in the Dark - A Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cobalt Strike a post-exploitation framework developed to emulate the greatest features of late-stage malware ecosystems allows its users to simulate adversary actions. The adoption of Cobalt Strike by global threat actors, and the framework’s use in hundreds of genuine intrusions, ransoms, and data breaches makes analysts and researchers around the world to renew their approaches to collecting, processing and sharing information about Cobalt Strike and its use in bulk.

Can you detect Cobalt Strike payloads before they execute? Or only after they execute? Can you detect the network C2 traffic? And when you see Cobalt Strike detections, can you differentiate between a red team engagement and a bona fide intrusion?

Delve into this eBook to learn what you can do to proactively protect your organization from the growing threat of Cobalt Strike beacons and team servers from top cybersecurity experts. You’ll learn key CTI concepts and how to build a CTI program that can effectively find beacons in the dark.

Highlights include tips for:

  • Building out detailed profiles of threat actors
  • Broadening your knowledge of existing threat groups
  • Tracking both ongoing and new threat actor campaigns
  • Providing intelligence for SOC analysis and incident responders & more
  • Ascertaining campaign timelines for future attacks and incident response engagements & more

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