Addressing the Top 5 Gaps in DLP

Addressing the Top 5 Gaps in DLP

Data leakage protection (DLP) has a well-deserved reputation for being challenging to implement and mostly ineffective for securing an organization’s sensitive data. Enterprises regard it as a check-the-box tool for compliance, a necessary evil that has low accuracy, is difficult to configure, annoys users by interfering with their work, and can render computer systems unstable and crash-prone.

DLP’s reputation aside, the goal of preventing data leakage remains as critical as ever in our hypercompetitive economy. What every company must achieve is abundantly clear—maintaining control over how sensitive data is shared and used.

Download now to learn more about DLP and the top 5 DLP gaps below:

  • Complex and incomplete policies
  • Constrained by data classification
  • Limited visibility
  • High false positives
  • Not user friendly

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