The Real Inside Threat: Banking Systems and Their Hidden Vulnerabilities

The Real Inside Threat: Banking Systems and Their Hidden Vulnerabilities
The inside threat isn't always a person.

In fact, one of a financial institution's greatest security threats exists within its own vulnerable business systems. View this webinar to learn:

Where the hidden vulnerabilities exist in business-critical applications;
Why prior protective measures have failed;
5 Tips for Success to protect your systems;
Real-life lessons from security leaders, including Tony Spinelli, Chief Security & Compliance Officer at Equifax, one of the three major credit bureaus.


Virtually every company, organization or government agency depends on critical applications to run their businesses. What's more, these applications operate beyond a company's network perimeter to include customers, suppliers and partners.

And most of these business applications contain security vulnerabilities that can be exploited for profit or malicious use.

This is why most hackers today target the systems, not the network infrastructure, in their attacks against financial institutions.

The impact of a breach can be devastating. By exploiting these vulnerabilities, unauthorized users can:

Cause service disruptions;
Disclose or make use of private and sensitive information;
Make unauthorized modifications;
Gain administrator or user account access.

And the business impact? Lost revenue, brand damage, regulatory liabilities and - worst of all -- loss of customer confidence in your institution.

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