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Insider Threats - Safeguarding Financial Enterprise Information Assets

Insider Threats - Safeguarding Financial Enterprise Information Assets
LendingTree, Societe Generale, TD Ameritrade. These are just a few of the most recent high profile examples of fraud and theft perpetrated by trusted insiders - and its costing these organizations billions of dollars. How is this happening?
Do you have more employees than active accounts?
Do you know who is accessing your applications?
Can you enforce password policy across all your users?
Do you have visibility into all access activities across disparate systems?
Can you lock down ALL of a user's network and application access?


Societe Generale being a prime example - in a business environment, 32% of all fraud and theft is perpetrated by trusted employees, enforcing and monitoring employee access to information assets is critical. In fact, it is not only critical, it is also a legal requirement in a growing number of government regulations and industry mandates.

Through seamless integration of discrete security and identity management systems, Imprivata manages the risks and consequences inherent with ensuring networks and applications are only accessed by authorized employees--strengthening your overall security and audit posture while enhancing user access productivity and convenience.

This Imprivata webinar will review the critical IT access issues that make prevention of insider-based threats difficult, and outline how Imprivata can help you strengthen your enterprise security posture by:

Enforcing who gets access to corporate networks and applications
Enforcing password policy across all users
Providing visibility into all user access activities across disparate systems
Locking down all user network and application access
Providing a more comprehensive security infrastructure by integrating physical access with IT and data access

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