Top 10 Most Popular Information Security Articles

Top 10 Most Popular Information Security Articles
The results are in, and would like to present the Top 10 financial information security articles on this website from 2006. All articles have been posted since January, and include any articles through the last week in July.

1. Financial Services Workers Fooled by CD Scam
2. "Sinful Seven" Online Activities at Work
3. Security Audit Findings Spurring Organizational Change
4. Security Incident Investigations Within Banks - Part 1 of 2
5. Trouble In Authentication Land
6. Keep Bank Customers Online - Counter ID Theft Fears
7. Why Would Anyone Want to Be a CIO?
8. Are You Big Brother?
9. Phishing: An Insidious Threat to Financial Institutions
10. Fighting Back Against Phishing

Not surprisingly, the number one article referred to actual financial services workers being fooled by a harmless, yet planned CD scam. This can only underly the importance many banks and financial institutions put on educating employees as a starting point to a strong information security program. Rounding off the top 10 are two articles related to phishing, a trend which indicates the problem will continue to be a nuisance to any institution offering online money account access.

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