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Passwords Are Unfit - So Why Do We Still Have Them?

Andrew Shikiar of the FIDO Alliance on the Journey Beyond Passwords
Passwords Are Unfit - So Why Do We Still Have Them?
Andrew Shikiar, executive director, FIDO Alliance

Andrew Shikiar knows more about the password economy than anybody else in the industry. The executive director of the FIDO Alliance says passwords are still around "because they work," albeit "in a very crude form."

Passwords are ubiquitous and supported everywhere. The problem, Shikiar says, is that "they have been proven time and time again to simply be unfit for today's networked economy."

In this episode of "Cybersecurity Unplugged," Shikiar details how the Fast IDentity Online Alliance, which is an industry standards body and hundreds of industry partners are making "good progress" to reduce the world's reliance on passwords.

Shikiar also discusses:

  • The work of the FIDO Alliance;
  • How Passkey - FIDO's new collaboration with Apple, Google and Microsoft - can reduce the time required to go passwordless from decades to years;
  • The need for a usable password alternative.

Shikiar serves as executive director and CMO at FIDO Alliance, a global consortium working to create open standards and an interoperable ecosystem for simpler, stronger user authentication. He has worked in identity management since 2001 and also has deep experience in multi-stakeholder organizations, having previously led market development efforts for Tizen Association, Liberty Alliance Project and other industry consortia. Shikiar also serves as an industry adviser to identity consultancy Liminal and digital identity VC firm 1414 Ventures.

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