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Enterprise Technology Management: No Asset Management Silos

Oomnitza CEO on Using Automation to Set and Enforce Policies in a Single System
Enterprise Technology Management: No Asset Management Silos
Arthur Lozinski, co-founder and CEO, Oomnitza

An enterprise has many different types of technology in its estate - including software, hardware and infrastructure - and historically each type has been managed in silos through software asset management, hardware asset management and infrastructure asset management solutions. But now, there is "a unified system of process" called enterprise technology management, said Oomnitza co-founder and CEO Arthur Lozinski. He said ETM is a "new tool entering IT organizations" that has "automated workflows across all of these technologies."

Enterprise technology management covers the security of SaaS application data, endpoints and PII as well as threat detection, compliance and audit, financial concerns and the customer/end-user experience. It's a holistic approach with no silos, and automation makes that possible, Lozinski said.

In this episode of's podcast series "Cybersecurity Insights," Lozinski also discussed:

  • Uniting security and IT, and therefore the CISO and CIO roles;
  • Why the responsibilities of a CISO and those of a CIO are ultimately "all one job";
  • How "highly digitally native retail environments" such as Apple are replacing old-school ones such as Sears.

Lozinski focuses on scaling the company’s reach and evangelizing enterprise technology management and spearheads the mission of providing key business process automation for IT across all enterprises, ranging from fast-growing organizations to Fortune 500 companies. He co-founded Oomnitza in 2012, along with Trent Seed and Ramin Ettehad, to provide solutions that advance the way organizations manage and secure their IT estate.

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