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Defend Against Spear Phishing: Encouraging Developments Gaining Momentum
Defend Against Spear Phishing: Encouraging Developments Gaining Momentum

How Prepared is Your Enterprise to Defend Against Phishing Attacks?

From the Anthem breach to the compromise of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, phishing attacks have been at the heart of many high-profile security incidents - including the most recent attacks at Seagate and Snapchat. Spear phishing, in particular, continues to pose an acute threat to any organization holding what the cyber underground views as valuable data. And It's a safe bet that the parade of headline-grabbing data breach disclosures of high-profile entities - not to mention countless breaches of lower-profile enterprises and SMBs - won't stop anytime soon.

That said, there have been encouraging developments gaining momentum to help organizations become better prepared for phishing attacks.

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